Providing program tuitions to kids who desire to pursue their athletic passions through professional coaching and mentoring through the team of their choice .

Pillar: Service


All great players and teams give more to each other then they do to themselves. The players who learn how to serve will gain the most from this and have the greatest experience. In practice we must be facilitators; helping so that practice can become more efficient. During games, we can run gloves out to baserunners, help with passed balls, and even warm up teammates when we see the need. We will teach this idea in many ways, on and off the field.

Giving Back


The Ball Club Bruin's players and families have made a committment to give back. In an effort to team build, raise awareness and make a difference in our local community; every trimester our program seeks to participate in one community service related event. Community service is important for all ages. It stretches the fabric of our character and eventually creates many new relationships and opportunities for each of us.

Spring Trimester


Event: Challenger Program, hosted by San Francisco Little League

Location: Tepper Field, China Basin Field, McCoppin Park & Hillsborough Middle School

Date: Spring

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On April 2nd, our players and their families joined the athletes of the San Francisco Little League, Challenger Program for a full day of baseball, exercise and teamwork.  The Challenger Program provides an opportunity for any boy or girl with a disability to join a baseball team, get some exercise and learn some baseball skills in an informal and supportive environment.


A big Thank you to the San Francisco Little League, Challenger Program for allowing us to get involved in such a wonderful event!


Event: The Giant Race

Location: AT&T Park

Date: September

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Our fall community service event has always been a huge success.  Last year we had 90 volunteers work the entire "Start Line" for The Giant Race 5K | 10K | Half Marathon at AT&T Stadium.  All in all, it was a special day for our program.  We made an impact on the race in so many ways.  The Giant Race raised money for Project Open Hand and announced that the efforts of all involved raised $183,000 that will provide 76,316 meals with love for our neighbors in need in both San Francisco and Alameda counties.  It’s events like this that really put our program over the top.  The importance of learning how to give makes our boys great leaders.  These characteristics eventually carry over on to the baseball field and makes them better players, but most importantly this is something they never forget and leads into a desire to always contribute and make a difference for those around them.

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