Pillar: Belief


Belief is about attitude. It is the unwavering idea that you are always getting closer to your goal. It is optimism, trust and faith in yourself and your team. Baseball is a tough game, it will force you to fail more than succeed. The players that have the greatest belief in the skills and knowledge they are developing will ultimately get the most out of this. Players will also be asked to trust the process; in turn, learning from their coaches and making changes in order to improve. Making changes is hard, it requires failure. But through this belief every player will get better.

2019 Trimesters


January 29th - April 28th

Tournament Announcement: December


May 13th - Aug. 11th

Tournament Announcement: April


Sept. 3rd - Nov. 27th

Tournament Announcement: August

Past Locations

Balboa Athletic Fields

65 Sgt John V Young Ln

San Francisco, CA 94112

USA Cages

901 Iowa Street

San Francisco, CA 94107

West Sunset Diamonds

3100-3198 Quintara Street

San Francisco, CA 94116

Kezar Stadium

670 Kezar Dr.

San Francisco, CA 94118

Big Rec Diamonds

262-228 Martin Luther King Jr Dr.

San Francisco, CA 94122

Ocean Beach

1070 Great Hwy

San Francisco, CA 94117

11 & Under
Our 11U teams are the ideal entry point into our program. These teams have a heavy focus on merging a combination of fun, discipline, focus and skill development.  At this age, all players are expected to learn what it takes to show up and practice with an intent to enjoy getting better by being engaged in the learning process on a daily basis.
12 & Under
Our 12U teams are a great entry point into our program. These teams have a heavy focus on effort and attitude along with laying the foundation for proper pre-teen skill development.  At this age, all players are expected to learn what it takes to be a part of a team and how to put the success of the group ahead of that of their own.
13 & Under
Our 13U teams are designed to give all players a great foundation for advancement in the game of baseball. Our focus with this age group is to establish great practice and game habits, build a teaching environment between players and coaches, and ensure all players understand the positive attitude required to grow at this sport.
14 & Under
Our 14U teams are designed to build each players confidence through high volume, quality repetition in practice. This is a heavy skill building group. At this age group we will begin to solidify both a primary and secondary position for each player, with the focus being on where will they both help the team and be in position to see success as they advance in the sport.
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San Francisco, CA